MochiGames Purchasing Issues

Last Updated: Nov 29, 2012 12:13PM PST
Mochi Coins

Mochi has phased out Mochi Coins. This was a business decision on their end which we have no control of. They are restructuring their overall business strategy and have decided to discontinue Mochi Coins purchasing. Here is the official Mochi announcement.

Will I still be able to access Kingdoms at War through Mochi?

You will still be able to access Kingdoms at War through Mochi. Mochi has assured us that hosting Flash games through their gaming portal is still part of their overall business strategy.

How do I currently make purchases on Kingdoms at War on Mochi?

If you would like to make purchases for Kingdoms at War on PC, you will need to link your KaW Mochi account to a Facebook account and make purchases via PayPal, please refer to Mochi to Facebook Linking. If you have any issues regarding a PayPal purchasing, please review PayPal Purchasing Issues.

Will I be able to use my remaining Mochi Coins after Mochi has discontinued Mochi Coins?

You will not be able to use Mochi Coins in Kingdoms at War on or after Sunday, September 30, 2012. Mochi has converted Mochi Coins into Ninja Kiwi Coins. We are not supporting the new Ninja Kiwi Coins and you will be unable to exchange those for items in the Oracle.

Please contact if you require further assistance.

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